Change lives with the SRQ Wellness Foundation

Bridging the gap to health with financial support and holistic care, SRQ Wellness Foundation aims to improve lives with access to IV nutrition and health and nutritional counseling.

SRQ Wellness Foundation is a non-profit 501c-3 tax expemt organization, Tax ID # 93-2620785

Our Mission

To improve the health of nutrient deficient individuals and their care givers by providing access to affordable IV vitamins and wholistic supportive care.  We strive to support people who face financial barriers in accessing essential nutrients and aim to enhance their quality of life through targeted fundraising efforts.  Through our holistic health care initiatives we seek to promote better health outcomes for our clients and to empower them, as individuals, to achieve optimal wellness.

Our Vision

SRQ Med Spa seeks to document evidence that IV vitamin based health care is a therapeutic option for various ailments and should be covered by health insurance.

We envision a world where our clients can get medical reimbursement or coverage of IV vitamin treatments to improve their health and address their underlying illnesses.

In addition, once grant recipients have returned to a state of optimal nutrition, they will graduate after learning HOW TO EAT TO THEIR NUTRITIONAL NEEDS to support their individual need for vitamin health.


Manatees on Main St.

From the murals painted on the sides of apartments and work places to the statues spread picturesquely around the city, Sarasota loves her art and artists love Sarasota. Art as a tradition strengthens the unity of Sarasota, contributes to our economic vitality and improves our quality of life. Manatees on Main seeks to build on that tradition. Manatees on Main is a public art project that celebrates Downtown Sarasota and our special love of art.  

Manatees on Main is a project being brought to Sarasota by a group of caring citizens who seek to help support and underserved community in Sarasota.  SRQ Wellness Foundation, a 501c-3 corporation was founded in 2023 to offset the costs of providing IV nutrition to colostomy patients, cancer patients and anorexics and in some cases their care givers.  For this population, traditional food intake is greatly hampered by their medical intake and the process of starving or literally wasting away is a tremendous threat to their lives.  The downhill spiral caused by wasting often results in depression, hospitalizations, secondary infections and illnesses due to mal nutrition and all too often results in an early death for the patient.  Simply put, IV nutrition reverses that outcome.  IV vitamins are easily absorbed into the blood stream.  In addition to the vitamins, the patients benefit from improved hydration which then allows their bodies to heal and hope to return to their world.  SRQ Wellness Foundation currently supports six clients and has requests for support from 2 dozen more candidates – but they need funding to meet their demands.  Hence, the birth of Manatees on Main.  A fundraiser that speaks to the spirit of Sarasota.

How It Works

Manatees on Main is modeled after successful community art projects that began more than 20 years ago in downtown Chicago.  Since then cows, horsts, turtles and even manatees have popped up for various exhibits in many cities, both large and small, all across Florida and the country. Using a design of either a full size “standing” manatee or “manatee and baby”, the manatees are cast in fiberglass.  Each manatee will be mounted, screwed into, a removable 4 part cement base.  The manatees weight 90 lbs and with the base attached at their display location they will weigh over 200 lbs.  The base will bear a plaque acknowledging the generous contributions of each sponsor, artist and the cause for which the art exhibit is being used to raise funds.  There will be both a title and a QR code that will take the viewer to our event page.  On the event page, there will be hyper links to sponsor, artist and the non-profit SRQ Wellness Foundations business pages.  

Area artists will submit design proposals for painting these life size manatees.  The artists may choose a whimsical style, perhaps celebrate their own techniques, or they may work with manatee sponsors to come up with an idea that embraces both the sponsor’s vision and the artists talents.  We will also be reaching out to the Booker High School art program and invite local students to submit ideas.  With the richness of Ringling Art School here in Sarasota, we are also planning on partnering with their students.  Selected artists will have their manatee delivered to their studios or another prime location to transform the blank fiberglass surface of the sculpture into an original work of art.  The sculptures will be unveiled in early October 2024 and will be installed downtown in the local business area.  The manatees will stay on Main Street through the holiday season.  The festivities will end with a closing fundraising party where select manatees may be purchased for investors and art lovers alike.



       our current mission


Sponsors are people like you who want to be part of a unique project that supports our community, our downtown, local artists and SRQ Wellness Foundation.  Being a Manatee Sponsor lets everyone know how much you care about the community.  Sponsorship for each manatee is $6,000.  That cost will cover the creation, delivery, costs associated with painting and clear coat auto finishing as well as storage, installation and breakdown costs.  In addition, each check for $6,000 is fully tax deductable and $2,000 of each donation will go directly to helping SRQ Wellness Foundation meet the needs of a growing population of clients.  Donors will also be given 8 VIP passes to the final party and will have many other perks of recognition throughout the event.  (We are also happy to discuss Manatee “shares” for smaller contributions.)

The Manatees on Main Committee will review all artists applications and then select the designs best suited for the prevent.  Once the artists have been selected by the committee, the sponsors will be invited to “draft” their artists at a Draft Day Selection Party.  Each sponsor will receive a number at the artists draft, the sponsors will be put into a lottery and the fun will begin.  The sooner your number is called, the more choices you will have to select from for your manatee project.  Sponsors will select their artist on Draft Day which is currently schedule for lat June 2024.

Our Social Media Team will raise awareness for the upcoming event by creating an online presence as soon as the manatees start rolling into Sarasota.  Imagine having a manatee that you helped bring to life standing proudly in front of your business or workplace.  All donors will receive a recognition plaque ready to display to show off your tremendous support for all things Sarasota.  

Once delivered, the manatees will be displayed throughout the city according to an agreed upon map.  At the end of the event, the sponsor may elect to keep their manatee or they may offer it to go to donation and to be sold at the final party. 

Being A Sponsor Has Its Benefits

The Manatee on Main marketing and public relations campaign will get consumers on the streets, coverage on the news, coverage in local magazines and TV, e-marketing, and a virtual presence through social media postings.  Through the use of hashtags, #manateesonmain and #sarasotamanatees, both committee members and the public alike will keep this event alive during the months of November and December 2024. 

Compare funning a magazine or social media ad to the sponsorship investment in Manatees on Main.  Your business will benefitr for years through your association with a positive community project.  The local economy, hotels, restaurants and shops will also benefit from increase traffic when people visit Sarasota.

Sponsors will receive:

  • Extensive recognition through both digital and in person platforms
  • Marketing rights to use Manatees on Main and your manatee in your own promotional efforts
  • Manatees on Main plaque commemorating you as the sponsor, your artist with a full color picture of the finished product in its location during the event.
  • 8 VIP Tickets to the Final Party to be held in early January 2025
  • FB/IG and social medial recognition 
  • Logo/Listing on custom final party photo booth, final party invitation & recognition, links from the Manatees on Main website to your business and event recognition.

As an Inaugural Sponsor, you will be able to tap into this generosity for years to come.  Each year, when the manatees return, your manatee will takes its place in the community.  This amazing PR gift will not only last for a single season but we plan to bring it out every year – so you will reap the benefits for years to come.  Your support of the inaugural Manatees on Main secures your position in Sarasota history and supports the local business district that makes this city such a great success.

The Birth of an Idea

At SRQ Med Spa, we believe in investing in yourself for improved health. Our range of injectable vitamins, along with massage and NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING, nurtures the body from the inside out. The results have been astonishing, with clients experiencing remarkable benefits, even those with life-altering conditions:

  • Cancer patients felt healthy and strong after their treatment but arrived weak and tired.
  • Psychiatric care patients who felt “like my old self” and “had nothing to stress about” after their treatments.
  • Ostomy bag patients who went from confused and weak to strong and sharp as a tack.
  • Anorexic patients nutrition improved and they were able to face reach their body goals.

We quickly recognized the financial challenges our clients faced, as insurance rarely covers such services. To bridge this gap, we proudly launched the SRQ Wellness Foundation, Inc. With this non-profit, we can now extend our support to an under-served population, making life-changing care and nutrition accessible to all.

Experience the power of wellness with SRQ Med Spa and the SRQ Wellness Foundation. Help us feed people for whom IV nutrition makes a significant difference.

A message from our Founder, Katherine Hermes

What Services will a Grant Recipient Receive?

Each grant recipient will receive a package of personally curated services to manage their condition. Their support may include a combination of any of the following services.

Initial Micronutrients Evaluation

We assess each recipient’s unique nutritional needs, analyzing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. This baseline information guides us in tailoring the ideal combination of nutrients for the client. We regularly repeat the evaluation every 3 months to track progress and ensure the most effective strategy moving forward.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Weekly IV hydration (500 ml or a liter of fluids, aka saline) INFUSED with highly absorbable vitamins as determined by both the micro-nutrient testing and from subjective analysis.

Independent Health Coach Consulting

We are working with both local and national nutrition and health coaches to find a way to help people whom the traditional medical system has failed.  When nutrition is the answer, insurance will not pay.  Our nurses are mindful of this as they consider alternate therapeutic options for these clients.

Grant Recipients Responsibilities

Clients will be asked to contribute toward their care.

They will be asked how much they can afford on a monthly basis and will need to contribute that amount on the 1st of each month. That money will be spent first.

Grant recipients will be asked to document their therapeutic advances in a journal.

That journal will be used to review their outcomes and to modify treatments as needed. It may also be used in other ways as needed with the permission of the client. It will be the basis for the subjective vitamin choice decisions.

Treatment may be discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of the SRQ Wellness Foundation, Inc.’s board.

Clients will NOT be given any money directly. The funds will held in a client specific account to be spent and monitored by SRQ Med Spa’s financial oversight coordinator.

The grant recipient agrees to commit to a 3 month course of therapy.

After each quarter needs and benefits will be re-evaluated.

You will be asked to share your stories on various sites as needed to grow our program.

Listen to our client’s stories below to understand the dramatic changes that took place when they experienced IV Vitamin Therapy

Applying for a grant

Step 1

Send an email to requesting an application. Complete the application and return it to the same email or return it in person.

Step 2

Applications will be evaluated by the board members on a rolling basis. There is no deadline to submit the application.

Step 3

Set up an appointment for an in-person meeting with our client evaluation specialist.

Step 4

You will hear back from the board as to their decision within 3 weeks.

Grant Eligibility Criteria


Anyone living within a reasonable drive from Sarasota. Sarasota and Bradenton residents will be given priority over non-residents.

Validate Financial Claims

Applicants will be required to complete a Monthly Family Budget form to certify need.

On-Site Treaments

All treatments must be given on site at SRQ Med Spa. Clients must be able to come to SRQ Med Spa in person.

Proof of Diagnosis

Clients must have a diagnosis of disease or illness, physical or mental.

Proof of Need

Clients must complete a simple financial statement as proof of need.

Care Givers

Primary care givers may also apply for the grants and must prove the same financial need. The same rules will apply to the care givers as the the client who is ill.

THE FOUNDATION WILL NOT PROVIDE GRANTS FOR general household expenses or any other medical care expenses.  While the supportive care treatments may vary from client to client, the grants will cover only the holistic supportive care therapies outlined in each client’s treatment plan.

Giving Levels

Partners in Wellness Monthly Subscription

$25, $50, and $100 per month
Available for donors to partner with SRQ Wellness Foundation, Inc. in supporting our mission. Sign up for a subscription donation below.

Nutrition Army One-Time Gift

$100 – $999
Names Listed in all Promotional and Event Materials. 

Treatment Partner One-Time Gift

$1,000 – $2,499
Names Listed in all Promotional and Event, and on Health Wall at SRQ Med Spa
Donors receive 1 acupuncture session and 1 massage each month for 6 months.

Caregivers Circle One-Time Gift

$2,500 – $4,999
Names Listed in all Promotional and Event Materials, on Website and under Partners on Health Wall at SRQ Med Spa
Donors receive 1 acupuncture session and 1 massage each month for 6 months.

Wellness Warrior One-Time Gift

$5,000 – $9,999
Names Listed in all Promotional and Event Materials, on Website and under Partners on Health Wall at SRQ Med Spa
Donors receive 1 acupuncture session and 1 massage PLUS 1 IV vitamin treatment per month for 6 months.

Foundation Sponsor One-Time Gift

Names Listed in all Promotional and Event Materials, on Website and under Partners on Health Wall at SRQ Med Spa
Donors receive 2 acupuncture sessions and 2 massages PLUS 2 IV vitamin treatments  per month for 6 months.

Please contact Katherine at or call 941-779-3004 to discuss any donations over $1,000.

Board Members

Katherine Hermes, Agnes Waz, Jeanine Thomas, Sandy Freas, Marlene Houret, Lori Mierndorf

Feels amazing!

You know it was a successful IV when you can’t find anything in your mind to stress about.  I am trying to find something to be anxious about but I can’t find anything.  It feels amazing to experience this peace.  Thank you and your nurse.

Morgan, Mental Health Client