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When you look around the site, you will not only see the various services that we offer, but you will also learn about our philosophy on staying healthy.

In a nutshell, we believe that if your body is well hydrated and has the nutrients it needs, your brain and your cells are BETTER than any modern medicine in managing healthy outcomes.  We believe that if the mitochondria in your cells are strong and healthy that they can manage and power through most problems you face.

After looking at different pages, you will understand our philosophy…..  If you take care of your cells and if they have all the amino acids, vitamins and minerals they need to function correctly AND we help your body to rid itself of the toxins that are collected living and eating every day in our modern society, you will put yourself in the best position to live a long and healthy life – and to enjoy all the sports, family time and fun activities you want to do!

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Again, my name is Katherine Hermes and I am the owner of SRQ Med Spa.  We can’t wait to talk or meet with you in person.

At SRQ Med Spa, we believe that nutrient deficiencies result in “energetic debt” at a cellular level, and that is the basis for many of the health care issues we experience in today’s society.   If you know me, you know that I try to explain complicated things in an easy to understand manner.  So, to explain the problem, lets pretend that each cell is a business.

As a business, each cell spends money, or energy to make money, or to do its job.  In a good business model, you make more money than you spend.  The cells are all the same – except instead of making money, they are making energy every day.  Every day the cells make and use energy.

If we get out of balance with that, where we spend more energy than we make, we end up with “energetic debt”.  The cells do not have enough energy to do everything they need to do, so they have to compromise on the functions they can perform.  They allocate resources to certain functions and sometimes have to neglect other functions, just like you do when you are budgeting out money at your business.  Where do we spend the resources we have?

Our cells single most important task of the body is to make new healthy cells.  The product of the business of the body is make trillions of cells every single day.  And you need all the right materials (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) to do this.  In addition, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to make all of these cells.  When there is not enough nutrition to go around, there is not enough food to power your workers at your company, the body has to cut corners.  This may result in cells that are created but are slightly mutated.

That’s where your immune system comes in.  Most of us think that our immune system is just there to fend off illness and to fight our infection battles.  However, the immune system is also the chief operating officer of this company.  It is overseeing all the cellular growth, energy replacement and quality control.  The majority of energy that your immune system is spending in your body is actually operating your cell replacement program.  When it finds a cell that isn’t perfect, it has to manage the problem.  It can either “fix” or “repair” the cell or it will eliminate and replace the cell.

If the mutation rates start getting too high your immune system has to get more and more involved.  All kinds of problems can occur when there is not enough energy to manage this process trillions of times a day.  Different systems in your body use energy at higher rates (like your GI tract – that uses a whole ton of vitamins) and where does all that energy come from?  The food you ingest is the primary source of nutrition used to power the cells.

Balancing off nutrition, and a huge energy thief, are things like – stress and elevated cortisol levels, not enough sleep, EMF from computers and wifi – all of these things stress our system.  In the framework of energetic debt, when there is not enough energy and nutrition to go around, problems can begin to occur.

On the other hand, when there is enough nutrition and energy – when you are bringing in more than you are spending, these system break downs can be avoided…  and in many cases reversed.

At SRQ Med Spa, we have seen in dozens of patients, various illnesses and health concerns resolve themselves after improving their body’s whole health.  As you will see from our testimonials, we have clients who have changed their physical and mental health and even been able to get off physician prescribed medications because their physicians agree their problems are resolved.

Of course there are a lot of variables involved with each person – how do we manage the business of healthy cells?  Well, think about the reality shows where a problem is identified and then resolved.  Inevitably, they do an inventory of the business, then there is a cash influx into the business, toxic problems are addressed and removed and then they optimize the way their systems run.  When they make these changes, the business starts running differently and becomes profitable.  It’s the same thing inside the body.

Once we figure out how and what kinds of nutrition your body needs to create the energy, we need to then start on a new trajectory towards improved energy production and toxin removal process.  While a healthy diet is a very important variable, exercise, sleep and stress management is also important.  Giving your body the nutrients that it needs, eliminating toxic problems and energizing the mitochondria are a key step towards reaching your goals.

That’s where SRQ Med Spa shines through.  Working with you and Investing in your Health, we will evaluate your vitamin deficiencies – including doing blood tests – and develop a long term plan to put the business of running your body into an energy abundant, forward facing future.

I hope this video makes sense and you would like to see if you are a good fit for SRQ Med Spa’s longevity strategies, we would love to talk with you.  We will talk about YOUR goals for YOUR health and what outcomes you would like to achieve.  We will perform our comprehensive in office testing to make sure that you have everything that you need to make a good decision. And, lastly, lets see if we are a good fit for us to work together – because if you are not, we will steer you in the right direction of the kind of care you might like to receive.  If you are someone who is interested in taking back control of your health, I would like to encourage you to click on the button to make a “No Cost Appointment with Katherine” to have an introductory appointment.

Again, I am Katherine Hermes and I look forward to meeting you in person soon!