If you are watching this video, like me, you are probably frustrated with your weight.  I get it.  I have never eaten more responsibly and yet… it has never been harder to keep the weight off.

There are actually a few things going on.  Of course part of the problem is that NONE OF US is getting any younger.  While we do make a lot of great food choices, we are STILL human and we are allowed to enjoy some of the tastier treats every now and again … but the penalty of the weight gain is just too bad.

But, there are other things going on as well.  First – let’s talk about our food.  If you compare the nutrients in an apple today to an apply 30 years ago, you would be horrified.  The quality of our food has taken a big hit due to the mass commercialization and industrialization of the food growth industries.  Some studies say that it takes as many as 5 apples today to get the same nutrient density or the same nutrition as an apple from 30 years ago!

What does that mean?  When you eat food, your brain should trigger a message that says “I’m full – I am sated” Basically, thanks for sending the good food.  Now it ways,… “That’s not enough  I still need more.”  Because the nutrition isn’t enough to feed your body from a single apple, your brain sends a “I’m not full yet” message and you are still hungry.

The second thing that is happening – we doubled our life span in the last 150 years, but our evolution has not caught up with our life span.  So, we are running out of things.  Around age 50, we start to run out of lots of important things like testosterone, estrogen, growth hormones… because evolution has not caught up with our extended life span.  Things we need to live seem to be “running out”.

Peptides are another thing that run out as we age.  Peptides are the “sergeant majors” in our body.  They tell different things what they need to do.  Semaglutide is a peptide that tells our brain “you are full”.  It also helps your body digest sugar better.  As we age, we make less peptides and a lot of people replace different peptides hoping to get different results.

From the perspective of weight loss, semaglutide is a peptide that tell your brain that you are full (also known as an appetite suppressant).  However, when all the peptides are a bit weaker, the clarity with which one voice can be heard over another weakens.  So there is this sort of “chatter” in your brain where you might often be thinking about food.  Semaglutide helps your brain to quiet that chatter.

Scientists are not very creative.  You already make semaglutide in your own body.   When you add an EXOGENOUS or outside support of semaglutide, you brain can now hear the “I’m full” or “ I am not interested in food” message.  This makes it easy to reduce your food intake.

Of course, weight loss doesn’t come from just eating less – you also have to increase your exercise.  We tell all our weight loss clients that you need to come up with some sort of increase movement plan that is FUN!  If you enjoy it, you will look forward to it and you will want to build it into your day.  If it’s not fun for you – if its work, you are far less likely to add additional exercise into your day.

At SRQ Med Spa we have both semaglutide and another “2 peptide combo” marketed under the name of tirzepatide, given under our doctors orders as office use product.  That means that every week you meet with our nurse and she administers the shots.  (Yes, we do have a travel plan for when you are away and miss a date.)

SRQ Med Spa is your cheerleader, food consultant, exercise support and side effect management team all rolled into one.  We do not accept insurance so our cost structure is actually a lot LESS for many of their clients than insurance would have been.  In addition, our nurse guided treatments are more supportive and many of our clients say that they look forward to their weekly “check ins”!

One of our clients also shared how much money she is saving while she is losing weight.

If you would like to explore weight loss with SRQ Med Spa, we would love to meet with you.  Give us a call or book a no cost consultation either in person or over the phone with Katherine.  Click on the button below or call 941-779-3004 and let’s set up a time to chat.  You will be glad that you did!


A lot of people ask me how it came to pass that I own this healthy place here on Main Street in Sarasota.  As you know, I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I have spent 20 years working in the pharmaceutical industry.  Most of my career was spent in the field of medical oncology where I worked in the field, then worked my way up to being involved with clinical trials and medical writing.

After my first husband passed away, leaving me with 3 kids under the age of 10, I could not put in the travel and the time necessary to continue in that career.  I moved into the insurance industry where I used my medical knowledge to help people find health insurance plans to meet their needs.  That’s when I wrote the book “Don’t Buy That Health Insurance: Become an Educated Health Care Consumer”.  All those years ago it became very clear to me that the medical system was more of a “keep you sick” system and that somehow the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry might not be everything I had thought it was.

Sadly, my second husband passed away a few years ago and that was when I sold our house in New Jersey (yup, I’m a Jersey Girl) and moved down here to Paradise.  I promptly go Covid.  After 2 weeks of sleeping and being completely exhausted and nauseous, I went to a walk-in place to get something for the nausea.  After doing some blood tests, they told me I had virtually no white blood cells left after that illness, gave me a script for the nausea and sent me on my way.  I was less than impressed.  I was still exhausted.

So, I called my friend in NJ, who is a medical doctor and she told me to get an IV vitamin drip.  I found such a place here in Sarasota and literally after my 1st IV vitamin drip combination I found myself 30 minutes later feeling absolutely fine and having lunch with a friend at a café.  And, I was really annoyed.  I mean, here I was, feeling fine… after 2 weeks of feeling terrible… having just come out of a worldwide pandemic – and a vitamin infusion helped this much??  Why had I never heard of this before?  Who else knew about this?

Shortly after that I saw this place on Main St., reached out to my NOW landlord and told him what I wanted to do.  I wanted to open an IV vitamin place on Main Street in Sarasota.  Thankfully, he loved the idea and the rest is history.  I now use my knowledge for good instead of evil.  And, since I am neither a nurse nor a doctor, although I employ both of them, I have no agency telling me what my opinion is mandated to be.  I bring common sense and a passion for healthy living to everyone who enters our doors.

And I invite you to enter our doors as well.  There is no cost for our first consultation.  Please do reach out to me if you want to discuss your healthy journey.  I would love to get to know you!


If you are ready to make a change to your approach to managing your nutrition and / or losing weight, I encourage you to reach out to have a preliminary discussion.  This needs to be a collaborative discussion between both sides. If you are ready to take control of your health and to do whatever it takes to make that happen, then a conversation should happen.

This is right for someone who wants to invest in their health and take back control of your well being.  SRQ Med Spa is not a traditional “wait until I get sick then manage it” pharmaceutical based doctors office.  We are all about maintaining your health and healthiness – preventing illness instead of waiting for it to arrive.  I have sat with so many people, some with very significant problems, who have come to us only after they have hit rock bottom with the traditional health care industry.  They had trusted other people with their health and now they are not happy with the outcomes.  They came to us as a treatment of last resort.

Now, I hope you are not there …. But people who enter are world are tired, frustrated and motivated to do something different.  To be completely transparent, if you need a big sales pitch to realize that taking care of your health and preventing illness is a strategy that just makes sense, then we are probably not the place for you.  NOT GETTING SICK is a tricky endpoint to measure.

Like you, I am frustrated by the amount of money that is sent to insurance companies every month – imagine if you could invest that same amount of money into your wellness!  Imagine if instead of sending hundreds of dollars every month to an insurance company, you could invest that same amount of money into your good health!!

I am not here to force anyone into making the choice to invest in your health.  IF, however, you want to take a proactive step in improving your health, in strengthening your immune system and in preventing illness, then a conversation with us is the logical next step.  This is right for the person who is tired of conventional medicine and is looking for a more innovative approach to get the results that they want.

In order to accept you as a client, we block our schedule and make dedicated time for you.  We put your health at the top of our calendar every day.  You will have our time and our commitment to figuring out the best wellness strategy for you – all we ask is for that same commitment from you.

Every 3 months, you replace all of your red blood cells.  The commitment we want you to ask of yourself is 3 months.  If you follow our strategy for 3 months, you won’t believe the difference in how you will feel.  Don’t get me wrong – you will begin to feel better, many people feel better on the very first day!  But, to embrace your wellness completely, we need to get your immune system rocking and your red blood cells into a much stronger position – and that is a 3-month commitment.  Obviously, once something is working, you won’t want to walk away.

So if taking control of your health is part of your long-term wellness strategy –

If you are tired of someone else making decisions about your health –

If you want to get off various therapies and actually get better – call us at 941-779-3004.  SRQ Med Spa, under the supervision of our overseeing physician and through the skilled care of our exceptional nursing team, is here to help YOU to make YOU your healthiest self.