If you do some research into historical maladies and how people died throughout time, you will learn that a whole lot of illnesses that are very common today were not very common 100 years ago.  People used to suffer from a whole lot of illnesses that, thanks to a modern understanding of how bacteria and germs work, we have resolved.  The introduction of indoor plumbing and sterilization techniques saved millions of lives.  Moving people out of over crowded cities and modern sewer systems have saved millions of lives.

What is at the root of A LOT of illnesses from which we suffer?  A whole lot of data support the theory that the American diet is at the root of many of our illnesses.  At SRQ Med Spa, we talk a lot about eating foods in their original packaging – fruits and veggies should be in the packaging given to them by God.  If you have to remove a box or plastic wrap from your food, or if you food actually has a label that you need to read, then it has been processed.  And honestly, does any of us know what the “processing” was? It’s not like our chicken comes to us with a resume of it’s diet.  We don’t know if the chicken ran around on a farm pecking at the earth or if it was fed chicken “growth” food & corn pellets or if it was given growth hormones or antibiotics.

We employ our own definitions from our head about what “free range” means – not the legal definition which is likely quite different from what you think of when you hear the words.

As a result of the mass commercialization of food, we are eating things and we have no idea what they are.  Those things are then getting into our bodies and causing all sorts of problems.  Maybe some of our problems are inherited but a lot of our problems are due to the arrival of things, or toxins, that our body has no idea how to manage.

When food breaks down into its basic components – ruffage, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc… our body knows just how to use all of those components.  However, when stuff shows up that our body doesn’t know how to manage, our body now has to deal with this.

Some of these toxins are floating around in our blood stream and then they get stuck on our cell walls.  The cell wall is designed to let nutrients in and waste out – but it is not designed to manage toxins.  Some toxins get stuck on the wall – preventing nutrients from passing into the cell.  Some toxins get into the cells and prevent nutrient use by the cell.  Some toxins end up at the liver, where your body tries to eliminate them.  Some toxins end up in fat cells where they hand around and may or may not cause problems.

So, now the work that your body has to do with just running itself, it now also has to spend precious energy getting rid of stuff it doesn’t know how to manage.

Toxins can also cause various illnesses.  Leaky gut.  Where the heck did that come from?  No one used to have “leaky gut” 100 years ago.

Some people are intolerant of various foods – and I contend that it isn’t the food that they are intolerant to, it is the round up, the fungicides and herbicides and other – “icides” that get into your food through the soil and the root system of the plants.  Some stuff you can wash off your food but some stuff is just in there and by virtue of it being in there, it gets into you.

So, even if you are eating clean, there is still likely stuff that you need to get out of you.

That’s where de-toxing comes in.  Not only do we need to help your body absorb more nutrients, we also need to help your body to rid itself of the toxins that have found their way into the cells.

At SRQ Med Spa we work with Chinese herbs and vitamins to help your body eliminate the gunk that is making it hard for you to lose weight, absorb nutrition and may very well contribute to various illnesses and maladies.  At the same time we flood your body with great vitamins and nutrients, we also need to help your body clean out as much of the unwelcome toxins as possible.  And we have several strategies to manage all that.

Hippocrates said “A wise man ought to know that his health is his most valuable asset.”  Please click on the link below or call 941-779-3004 to book an appointment to discuss different strategies that we employ to help you detoxify your body.


Dr. Myers did research back in the 1980s showing that the combination of vitamins that he used treated many kinds of health disorders.  He was the first doctor in modern history to look back at what I call ORIGINAL medicine, or medicine that pre-dates today’s modern petro-chemical based system, to see how improving nutrition might improve patient outcomes.

One of the very first doctors to look into improving health outcomes by improving your cellular health, the IV vitamin industry sort of began with Dr. Myers.  There are now many different companies that have looked into how cellular nutrition improves health care goals.

The timing of all of this couldn’t be more urgent.  As the quality of our food goes down – as the nutrition density deteriorates due to the commercialization of our food chain, the need for nutritional supplementation goes up.

The easiest way to take supplements is of course by mouth.  But, not all supplements are equal.  And, not all supplements are equally digestible and absorbable.  Since it is almost impossible to determine how much any of us absorb from our vitamins that are taken orally, the industry standard ranges from 10-30%.  If the supplement is solid, look at the lower end of absorption.  If the supplement is liquid, look at the higher end of absorption.

Your skin is your largest organ and is an ideal place to absorb nutrients.  Between your legs, where you skin is thinner, you improve absorption.  Vitamins that are absorbed into the skin have a higher rate of absorption than those taken orally.

Sublingual, or under the tongue, is another way to take vitamins.  Giving yourself drops or syrups and then holding them under your tongue until they are absorbed also is a more efficient way to absorb supplements.  At SRQ Med Spa, that is the preferred way we recommend people take vitamins at home as there is a slightly higher rate of absorption using this technique.

Injectable vitamins are the single most efficient manner of getting vitamins into your bloodstream.  Many vitamins can be given as shots and are 100% absorbed.  Several vitamins can only be given as shots and several vitamins HAVE to be diluted in order for you to take the vitamins and have it not be a terrible bee sting feeling.

Dr. Myers looked at several medical issues including headaches, asthma, anxiety, depression, mood swings, sleep disorders, muscle cramping and more and has documented success with improving patient outcomes.  In our work with our overseeing physicians and within the fledgling IV vitamin industry, we too have seen amazing outcomes by improving cellular health from a nutritional standpoint.

We have successfully used the combination of detoxification and iv vitamins given at much higher doses than you can ever achieve by other routes of administration for our clients.  By helping your body divest itself of the toxins that are impeding nutrient absorption while simultaneously bombarding your sells with a host of nutrients, your body is able to allocate resources as it sees fit.

When your body has enough resources to power up ALL the systems at the same time… an abundance of easily absorbed nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, it is often able to solve a lot of its own problems.

We have seen depression and anxiety melt away as client nutrition improves.  We have helped clients who are suffering from lymes disease and long-term mold issues to see a significant reduction in daily living issues.  We have worked with clients who are post surgery and pre-surgery to help them power though the healing effort.  All of this is achieved NOT by US, but by our own bodies.  Our bodies know how to solve so many problems – but they need the resources to get the job done.

The most important thing to know is that we will never hurt you.  At SRQ Med Spa, we work with you to get you to optimal wellness.  When your cells are at their healthiest – when your nutrition is at it’s strongest, your immune system is able to perform at it’s highest level and body systems are all working at their peak, you simply don’t get sick as often.  And, if you do get sick, you bounce back more quickly.  You are the beneficiary of your investment in your health.

It’s easy to take care of other people and for some reason, it is hardest of all to spend money on our selves.  Just like they say in the airplane, you need to put your own seat belt of first and secure your oxygen mask before helping others – or you won’t be of much use to them for long.  We absolutely give you permission to take care of yourself.

Please click here to book a free consultation with Katherine to discuss your cellular health or feel free to call us at 941-779-3004.  We look forward to meeting with you and to helping you manage your health with improved nutrition.